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The Good News Church

Beliefs that make a difference. The reason so much today in the religious Bible Imagecommunity is not "good news" is because it is based on an understanding of religion that makes man the designer of religion and leaves God out of the picture. It is biblically true that God is the creator of the universe and man. In Matt. 16:17 Jesus makes it clear that genuine faith is based on God's revelation to man. The capacity that man has to exercise rational thought is a gift of God and to use that ability to reject the source from which it comes is an exercise in intellectual folly. Though many today have a view about the freedom of thinking that considers any restriction on the thought process as a barrier to intellectual pursuit the reality is that nothing binds true freedom in thought more than an assumed supposition that denies that there is an ultimate source of absolute truth. It is error that binds man and truth that liberates him. Jesus said that the truth will set you free. See John 8:32.


  1. We believe in the personhood of God. This means that God is a person that we can know and love. That is GOOD NEWS!
  2. We believe that God has revealed Himself as a trinity of persons. He is seen in the Bible as Eternal Father, Eternal Son and Eternal Spirit. This revelation of the trinity is not a belief in three gods. It is belief in the God who has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The plan of salvation is the work of this triune God. That is GOOD NEWS!
  3. We believe that the eternal work of salvation is a gift from God and not the result of man's effort. Salvation is a work of grace that effectively brings man into an everlasting relationship with God. Real salvation is a work of God that not only changes man's relationship to God but also produces in man a new way of living. Man is not saved by good works but truly saved men(all persons who receive Jesus as Savior) do good works. That is GOOD NEWS!
  4. We believe in the person and work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is revealed in the Bible as a person who is eternal, infinite, and holy. Salvation is the work of God's Holy Spirit from start to finish. God's Spirit draws a person to God starting with the convicting of sin and ending with the full salvation of the believer in Heaven. When a person is saved the Holy Spirit also baptizes that person into the body of Christ and gives that person a gift or gifts for ministry and service. That is GOOD NEWS!
  5. We believe in the full deity of Jesus Christ. He is the eternal Son of God. He became the son of man through His incarnation in human flesh. He did set aside the full display of His Godhood in order to become the fully sufficient savior for sinful man. He lived on earth, performed many miracles including the bringing back to life of persons who had died. He completely obeyed His Heavenly Father and fulfilled the moral demands of the Law. He died on the cross, was buried and rose from the dead on the third day. He appeared to His disciples and before ascending back to Heaven gave instructions to His followers(church) concerning what they were to do until His return to earth. That is GOOD NEWS!
  6. We believe and teach that baptism and the Lord's Supper are ordinances placed in the church for the purpose of showing the truths of the gospel. They are to be observed with great reverence but they do not convey to the human soul the imprint of God's grace. The grace of God is conveyed to the human soul by the inward working of the Holy Spirit. That is GOOD NEWS!
  7. We believe in the unconditional security of salvation. The genuine acceptance of Jesus as a personal Savior and the receiving of eternal life is a one time event in a person's life. The salvation that is received is permanent. This does not mean that sin in the believer's life is permissible but it does mean that a true believer lives for God for the purpose of loving and obeying His heavenly Father and not in order to insure entrance into Heaven. That is GOOD NEWS!
  8. We believe in the literal return of Jesus back to earth. The Bible teaches that this return is literal, imminent, and pre-millennial. There will be a judgment of the believer's works at the Judgment Seat of Christ and a judgment for all unbeliever's at the White Throne judgment. The saved will enjoy the wonder and joy of Heaven forever and the unsaved or lost will experience the pain and sorrow of Hell forever. For the saved that is GOOD NEWS!
  9. We believe that the offer of salvation is offered to all who will receive Jesus as Savior. The Bible does teach the great doctrine of election but no understanding of election is truly biblical that limits the availability of salvation to every human soul or eliminates man's capacity to respond to the preaching of the Gospel. That is GOOD NEWS!
  10. We believe in the total and verbal inspiration of the Bible. The Bible is sufficient for truth and belief. The Bible cannot be understood apart from the inward illuminating work of the Holy Spirit. The Bible furnishes man with all that he needs for salvation and the living of the Christian life. That is GOOD NEWS!

There is Good News for you! Rom. 1:16

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